By admin, 22 June, 2022

As we struggle with the endless darkness of dealing with drupal 9 (hi: FUCK YOU DRUPAL 9: YOU PIECE OF UNSPEAKABLE SHIT! Tnx - The Mngmnt.), we are pleased to announce that our first DEMO REEL is now live. This is a much better experience than just listening to excerpts on the buy page (at least, I hope so). 

Demo Reel With Seth

Wed, 05/04/2022 - 02:14

Yes: we are completely aware that our website is an abominable tragedy of trashy-looking, buggy, slowly-changing, utterly-fugly, acme-designed stock grotesqueness. We are working on it, and the site should begin to get someplace resembling a presentable shape over the next few weeks. Drupal changed a lot from 7.0 to 9.0, and we have a lot of stuff planned, so that's going to take some time to roll out.