By admin, 15 June, 2022

WORDS WILL NOT TAKE US FAR ON THIS GLORIOUSLY DOOMED ADVENTURE! To that end, I humbly beg you to come with me and listen to a brief demo reel I put together that will help explain the album and the concepts behind it.

LISTEN: to a custom-made sample reel narrated by the composer!

By admin, 13 May, 2022

As of Friday the 13th of May, “Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard” is finally available via iTunes and Apple Music. Distribution across all internet music platforms to roll out over the coming weeks. 

Following a lengthy post-production process, we are pleased to announce that our latest album, “Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard” has gone live and is available for purchase across all of Apple Music’s platforms. Our publisher tells us to expect a rolling release over the coming 2-3 weeks before it is available on other popular streaming services and e-tail outlets (Amazon, Spotify, etc.).