Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard Fact Sheet
FULL TITLE: Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard I & II: 666-Bit Depravity In 5 Parts
BAND: Dracula Factory
COMPOSER, ARRANGER, PERFORMER: Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan
CONTACT: Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan:
GENRE: Electronic, Chiptune, Symphonic
RELEASE DATE: 2022/05/08 (Mother's Day)
STREET DATE: Rolling from release; widely available everywhere by 2nd week of July)
WHERE TO BUY: Amazon, iTunes, etc.; see for current availabilities across all streaming services
Take a strange symphonic chiptune journey across 40 years of sidescrolling action, adventure, and abject depravity. It's "Rocky Horror" meets Berlioz: a big, broad, super-electrified gothic rollercoaster that will thrill you to the point of madness!