"Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard" is presented with heartfelt and respectful dedication to all sluts everywhere. There is no shame - and can be no shame - for knowing oneself, what one likes, and then pursuing it with all you have. They (literally and figuratively) embody all the fundamental qualities of all truly liberated people throughout history: self-determination, self-knowledge, innovation, exploration, and experimentation refined into expertise. They pursue these goals through a thousand acts of daily courage; the strength to be who they are in spite of social sanction, hypocritical disapproval, and - through their daring and fearlessness - bring magnificent light and joy to an otherwise bleak and horrifying world of cruelty and misery. In love, life, art, music, and the sublimation of human nobility and a species' innate physical drives, there is no substitute for experience. Let them never be maligned, and may they reign even longer than their reins. Raise a glass and toast to all people (especially women) with self-possession enough to claim themselves as people of - as pirates of the Spanish Maine once called them - expansive sensibilities. As for wizards? They can go fuck themselves. -S.B. 2022-05

Many people helped to make "Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard" the concerted musical atrocity that it is today. Many thanks go out to all of our early listeners, who generously gave their time and quotidian opinions and encouragements. After so many months of toiling in relative isolation, it was their overwhelming approbations that provided the raw madness-fuel necessary to bring the monster to completion.

Above all, this album would not exist without the tireless ears of close friends and companions. To that end, I'd like to specifically express my depth of gratitude to:

Jeff Wise, for his boundless generosity as a sounding board for damned near every revision of every composition and mix from the very start of the project to its final form.

Joseph Webb, whose superhuman critical and analytical ears and detailed notes on the earliest version of the finished product served as the lodestar against which the 3 months of mixing, arranging, and mastering were targeted.

Joe "Joekemon" Kendall, for his kind encouragement early in the project, and for lending his dearth of audio expertise and knowledge of all boardmaster trickery and technique.

And, finally, separately and apart from the subject matter of this turgidly perverse and psychotically deranged album, I would be remiss if I failed to thank my own mom, who (ironically) accidentally provided the courage to pursue the idea as an album-length project when she unwittingly heard the earliest version of the very first composition ("New Endings To Old Beginnings") and said that she thought it was interesting. And, no: my mom IS NOT a slutty wizard.

But your mom might be. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!