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Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard I & II: 666-Bit Chiptune Depravity In 5 Parts

Your Mom Is A Slutty Wizard Album Cover

WORDS WILL NOT TAKE US FAR ON THIS GLORIOUSLY DOOMED ADVENTURE! To that end, I humbly beg you to come with me and listen to a brief demo reel I put together that will help explain the album and the concepts behind it.

LISTEN: to a custom-made sample reel narrated by the composer!

Take a strange symphonic chiptune journey across 40 years of sidescrolling action, adventure, and abject depravity. It's "Rocky Horror" meets Berlioz: a big, broad, super-electrified gothic rollercoaster that will thrill you to the point of madness!

"Probably the best homage to 'Castlevania,'
NES, and arcade music. It just bursts with 
energy, and the rhythm is as addicting as 
playing any of the old 'Castlevania' games."
-Bird On Wheels



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